Voyage into the Unknown

For my fourth and final electronic literature blog article I decided to look at the the story “Voyage into the Unknown”. This piece was unlike any of the other pieces that I have looked at this semester. It was a lot more complex and detailed. At first it took me a while to figure out what exactly I had to do, where I needed to go, or how to even get there. But once I was able to figure it out, the rest of the story began to fall into place.

The story took place right after the Civil War and tells the tale of John Powell. The theme is set up like a military map and there is a key that you need to use to help you get around. A long the map that are symbols like “N” or “W” which act like directions to help guide you. It turns out that you can click on these different symbols and small clips of story will appear. This sort of reminded me of hypertext fiction where you could click on different answers or words only these are symbols and they keep you on the same page just give you a little bit more information and detail then you previously had.

As I continued on my journey though the story, I began to uncover more of Johns story. I began to learn how John as set out as a trapper in what appears to be he north/midwestern United States. Throughout the journey, we learn of the hardships that the hunters and trappers faced during this time. In this image below, you can see the caption that is listed on the grey dot which indications events and notes. In this caption John describes some of the hardships that he and the other trappers and hunters had to survive.

As the story continues we learn more and more about John and his voyage into the unknown. There are some historical references included such as some of the Indian tribes that the hunters encountered. We learn about men who abandon the trip to try and seek safety and shelter. I think that this is the overall theme that is trying to be portrayed here. I think that the purpose of this literary piece is to emphasizes the harshness and the intensity of the pioneers voyage out west. By bringing this historic story to life, readers can get a better feel and more realistic view of what the unknown really entailed.

At the end of the story, there are a series of images that were illustrated by John Powell during his trip through the great unknown. Here we can learn more about everything that the unknown had to offer, both good and bad. After the storyline is finished and the pictures have all been seen, the beginning of the story restarts. I think that this is a hidden theme and artistically choice saying that there is no end to the unknown; it just keeps continuing on; that there will always been an unknown. I think that just because there is an unknown doesn’t mean that we should be afraid to explore it and conquer it.

Journalism Module 2

I have finished my journalism module! I am very proud of the way my final project turned out. This was something very outside of my comfort zone and my norm. It was something that I had never done before. Parts of this project presented to be more of a challenge then I assumed, but I was able to get by with some help.

I decided to style my webpage based on the manatee (since that was my topic of choice). I made the background a light blue, like that of the Caribbean Sea or Souther Florida waters since those are the most frequently inhabited areas for manatees. I kept the layout and over all style fairly simple because thats what manatees are, simple. I added some helpful pictures to my actually webpage, and then left the video and gif on my Storify page that is linked on my webpage.

I think that once I got the hang of Storify, it became a real asset to use in this process. I was able to embed a video of the organization, Wildtracks, that I interned with over this previous summer season. I think that this video as well as the rest of the media that was embed will give viewers a bit more insight into not only manatees but some of the reasons why we should help to protect them and some ways as to go about doing so.

I hope that my journal article is enlightening and uplighting. Please read carefully and open heartedly so that you can do your part to help save the manatees.


Journalism Module 1

For my 3rd and final module, I am working on the journalism methodology article. For this project, we are making our own web page and acting as a journalist of a story or topic of our choice. For me, I decided to work on the topic of manatees and how we can help remove them from the endangered species list.

We have been working in class on this assignment and its been very helpful. I am able to ask questions and work with my table mates on figuring out how to do certain things within Sublime text editor to work on my assignment. There are a few things that I have not been able to figure out yet like how to add images into the webpage through the style sheet. But I have been able to change the background color and the text size for the headers and sub-headers.

By the end of this assignment, I hope to accomplish a webpage that enlightens, and encourages manatee safety, rescue, and conservation. I hope that by creating this web page, I can show people that are currently unaware of the dangers of manatee extinction, just how important these docile marine creatures are to our world.


Flight Paths

For my third blog article I needed to look at the the electronic literater collection volume 2 (which only makes sense because I did my first blog article from collection 1 and my second article from collection 3). I liked being able to compare the difference between each collection. I tried to pick articles that were each different. The first article was kinetic poetry and the second article I chose was more of a moving photo book. This third article stood out to me because I felt like it was merging two different stories into one, which is fitting of its name Flight Path.

I started reading Flight Path and discovered that the story was broken up into five different sections. I started with the first section ” Yucab in Dubai”. The story starts off with a young man who travels to Dubai to try to earn more money for him and his family. However the main character quickly learns that getting paid for the work he would be doing is not exactly what he thought.

In the second “chapter” of Flight Path, Yucab tells his family that he will be returning to Dubai, leading us to believe that he had briefly left, probably to return home and visit his family. But in order to return to Dubai, he had to climb into a little storage cube underneath the plane which he was supposed to board.

In the third chapter of the story, you learn of Harriet, a mother and wife who is trying to go to the grocery story to buy food for her family. In this section of the story, Harriet travels through he grocery story to collect her items before returning home to her family. Harriet mentions the idea of war but says that they don’t happen where she lives in Richmond.

Chapter four is entitled Dark Mass. This is where things begin to turn in a different direction. Here you get a side by side comparison of Harriets story and Yucabs story. Harriet leaves the supermarket and looks up to the sky as she arrives at her car. It is then that she sees a man (most likely Yucab) falling from the sky. We can read Yucab saying “The earth is coming to meet me” which tells us that he is falling and falling fast. It is then that Yucab crashes into the roof of Harriets car, leading us to the fifth and final section of Flight Paths.

In the first slide of section five, we learn that Yucab appears to not be dead after crashing into the roof of Harriets car. Yucab even sits up and speaks to Harriet asking her “Am I dead”. Harriet then ask Yucab if she is also dead. His only response to her is that they go back to her place and share a meal. And so they leave together in a taxi.

There are many elements to this story leading me to believe that this could be the story of a suicide bombing mission. When I first read the story I had no idea what it could have been about. It made no sense to me. However after reading it again, I noticed the part about Yubac crawling into the space beneath the plane. The fact that Harriet mentioned war and how normally there is never war where she lives, but then one afternoon at the supermarket and she sees a young man falling from the sky.

Some of the elements that I liked about this creation where were the music in and the animations/pictures. I think that the pictures, especially the ones in chapters 3 and 4, added a unique element to the story. It kind of set the tone of the story and made the viewers realize what a fast pace world we live in, by having the pictures moving  at a quick rate across the screen. I think that buy adding these touches along with the authentic music it sets a mood that is unique to the story line.

Digital Polarization

For this assignment we had to explore an article and try and determine if this article was true or not. Our article was “The U.S. government admits it uses technology to spy in homes”. We researched this topic and found through the actual article itself and similar claims that the U.S. government is not necessarily true that they are spying on us now through or smart TV’s and smart fridges, but more or less that the government has the capacity to do this and the means to do this. We debunked this claim by proving that while the information is relevant it is not necessarily true and factual.

I enjoyed researching our topic because it is one of the hot conspiracy theory’s in the modern world today; that the government is spying on American homes via technology within the home. People have been making claims like this since the rise of Big Brother. By researching the topic and reading relating articles, we were able to find out that the original article is not necessarily true but has the potential to be true.

Trolling Reflection

Overall, I think that our group project on trolling went well. We were able to provide the rest of the class with sound information regarding the history of trolling, what trolling is, how trolling became a thing, and help tips on how to avoid becoming a troll/avoid the trolling comments. It was cool seeing the other trolling group present as well because it was sort of comparing and contrasting the information and seeing what sort of different information they found out about trolling. I think that the information that we presented to the class was enlightening and helpful. Something that I personally learned that I did not already know previously was the different categories of trolling and what they specifically are. I really enjoyed doing research on this module. It helped bring a topic into perspective and not only show the dangers of trolling, but the joking lighthearted side of trolling between friends.

Hobo Lobo Saves The Day

For my second blog post, I decided to look at Hobo Lobo of Hamelin. I really enjoyed this piece. I felt like it was easy to follow and that it told a good story. I really liked how the images above resembled a story line. I think that by doing this it allowed the audience to gain a better understanding of the story that was being told. I felt that the pictures used good imagery and color as well helped to add detail to the story. While the images are flat, they still give a 3-D effect to the story, which is also another selling point.

Another thing that I really enjoyed in this story is how the wolf is not seen as the bad guy but is instead trying to help save the city. I really got the setting that this story took place in a medieval town. I think that the story of Hobo Lobo of Hamelin uses a lot of different mixtures of themes such as folklore, satire and comedy. Author and creator Stevan Zivadinovic did a great job of tying all of these themes and genres together to get his message across to the audience.

In the image above shoes not only the artistry but also some of the political satire that was displayed throughout the story. You can see the political propaganda posters in the background. This can be associated with the dark and gloomy looking theme of the photo itself.

This photo is similar to the first one. However here you can see Hobo Lobo standing in front of his professional services stand where he tried to help as many people in need as he can. Hobo Lobo was trying to make a difference in the small renaissance town and bring attention to the towns mayor who was no good for the town and did not care about its people. Hobo Lobo even decided to sue the mayor which I loved! I think it was really nice seeing the character roles reversed and this time the wolf who is normally seen as big and bad, is the one who is the hero and the good guy.

Overall I really enjoyed this story. This may be a bit of a stretch, but some aspects reminded me of the George Orwell’s novel “Fahrenheit 451”. Especially on page 6 scene 6 and 7 when the radio show is taking place and a conceded mother calls in to talk to the mayor about her kids being outside (which is considered dangerous). He tells the mother to enlighten her children on things they shouldn’t be curious about. This reminded me of Orwell’s novel because in Fahrenheit 451 people were not allowed to enlighten themselves with books, just like in Hobo Lobo, children are not allowed to enlighten themselves with the outside world. I think that this fun and interactive story helps to draw upon similar text and concepts. Overall, I really enjoyed being able to make connections such as this one when I was reading Hobo Lobo. I think that it made the read a lot more interesting and allowed the reader to gain a better understanding of the message that was being portrayed.

Trolling Module

I decided to take part in the trolling module because I wanted to learn more about trolling. I always hear people talking about it and I know the general idea of what social media trolling is. However, I would like the idea to research this topic more and learn about why people do it and some of the dangers and consequences that come along with trolling and online trolls. I think that I may be a little surprised when I start doing research for my project and start seeing some of the specific examples of trolling online.

Some of the specific  information I hope to find and use in my module project include: what is trolling, how people troll, why people troll, the dangers of being a troll or being trolled, and how do we stop online trolling if at all. I think by finding this information and then presenting it to the class, it will allow people to become more aware of why this is sometimes a very serious matter. I hope that by doing this project, it not only enlightens me but others as well.

My Very First Gif!

Here it is everyone! My very first gif! I am very excited that I was able to create this. It was surprisingly a lot more easy then I thought it would be. I always imagined that you needed to be tech savvy or know some sort of secret when it came to how to create a gif. But it turns out you don’t. Literally all that I had to do was go to and insert the selected video I wanted to create my gif from. The rest was just fine tuning the timing to make sure that I had the exact gif I wanted. I hope that everyone else likes my gif as much as I do. I don’t know if its because I’m impartial to my own creation or if my gif is really as cute as I think it is!

*Click on the gif to see it move!*

Goals for Gif Module

One of the main things that I hope to learn for this module are basically how to make a gif. I’ve always seen them around with people posting them on all sorts of social media but I never knew where to find them or even how to create one myself. This is one of the most important things I would want to learn while doing this module. I think that it would be really cool to be able to make my own gifs. I have a lot of different group chats with friends from home and school, so I think that if I learned how to create my own gifs then I would be able to make our group texts more lively.

I also think that it would be cool to learn more about what a gif really is and how this craze became so popular. I had honestly never even heard of gifs until I was in college let alone know what they were called. I think that learning the background of something like this is pretty important when it comes to learning how to create a gif and where to find them.