Digital Polarization

For this assignment we had to explore an article and try and determine if this article was true or not. Our article was “The U.S. government admits it uses technology to spy in homes”. We researched this topic and found through the actual article itself and similar claims that the U.S. government is not necessarily true that they are spying on us now through or smart TV’s and smart fridges, but more or less that the government has the capacity to do this and the means to do this.¬†We debunked this claim by proving that while the information is relevant it is not necessarily true and factual.

I enjoyed researching our topic because it is one of the hot conspiracy theory’s in the modern world today; that the government is spying on American homes via technology within the home. People have been making claims like this since the rise of Big Brother. By researching the topic and reading relating articles, we were able to find out that the original article is not necessarily true but has the potential to be true.

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