Flight Paths

For my third blog article I needed to look at the the electronic literater collection volume 2 (which only makes sense because I did my first blog article from collection 1 and my second article from collection 3). I liked being able to compare the difference between each collection. I tried to pick articles that were each different. The first article was kinetic poetry and the second article I chose was more of a moving photo book. This third article stood out to me because I felt like it was merging two different stories into one, which is fitting of its name Flight Path.

I started reading Flight Path and discovered that the story was broken up into five different sections. I started with the first section ” Yucab in Dubai”. The story starts off with a young man who travels to Dubai to try to earn more money for him and his family. However the main character quickly learns that getting paid for the work he would be doing is not exactly what he thought.

In the second “chapter” of Flight Path, Yucab tells his family that he will be returning to Dubai, leading us to believe that he had briefly left, probably to return home and visit his family. But in order to return to Dubai, he had to climb into a little storage cube underneath the plane which he was supposed to board.

In the third chapter of the story, you learn of Harriet, a mother and wife who is trying to go to the grocery story to buy food for her family. In this section of the story, Harriet travels through he grocery story to collect her items before returning home to her family. Harriet mentions the idea of war but says that they don’t happen where she lives in Richmond.

Chapter four is entitled Dark Mass. This is where things begin to turn in a different direction. Here you get a side by side comparison of Harriets story and Yucabs story. Harriet leaves the supermarket and looks up to the sky as she arrives at her car. It is then that she sees a man (most likely Yucab) falling from the sky. We can read Yucab saying “The earth is coming to meet me” which tells us that he is falling and falling fast. It is then that Yucab crashes into the roof of Harriets car, leading us to the fifth and final section of Flight Paths.

In the first slide of section five, we learn that Yucab appears to not be dead after crashing into the roof of Harriets car. Yucab even sits up and speaks to Harriet asking her “Am I dead”. Harriet then ask Yucab if she is also dead. His only response to her is that they go back to her place and share a meal. And so they leave together in a taxi.

There are many elements to this story leading me to believe that this could be the story of a suicideĀ bombing mission. When I first read the story I had no idea what it could have been about. It made no sense to me. However after reading it again, I noticed the part about Yubac crawling into the space beneath the plane. The fact that Harriet mentioned war and how normally there is never war where she lives, but then one afternoon at the supermarket and she sees a young man falling from the sky.

Some of the elements that I liked about this creation where were the music in and the animations/pictures. I think that the pictures, especially the ones in chapters 3 and 4, added a unique element to the story. It kind of set the tone of the story and made the viewers realize what a fast pace world we live in, by having the pictures moving Ā at a quick rate across the screen. I think that buy adding these touches along with the authentic music it sets a mood that is unique to the story line.

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