Hello Everyone!

Hey Everyone! My name is Samantha Levy and I’m a senior communications and digital studies major. I am excited to be taking this course that I can work to expand my horizons on new forms of digital media, how we use them to interact and communicate with others, and how digital media affects our everyday lives.

I look forward to using my domain this semester to be able to express myself throughout the course of the semester. I am interested to see how certain assignments will push my limits and allow me to explore new paths. I also look forward to being able to share and compare with others and see their thoughts and opinions on future assignments.

I decided to keep my site architecture pretty basic because I think that it describes me and my life style. Im not to over the top, but simply enjoy the little things. I have a lot of passions in the world with the ocean being one of them! I hope to get to know everyone else in the course a little better as we begin our blogging journey together!

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