Journalism Module 1

For my 3rd and final module, I am working on the journalism methodology article. For this project, we are making our own web page and acting as a journalist of a story or topic of our choice. For me, I decided to work on the topic of manatees and how we can help remove them from the endangered species list.

We have been working in class on this assignment and its been very helpful. I am able to ask questions and work with my table mates on figuring out how to do certain things within Sublime text editor to work on my assignment. There are a few things that I have not been able to figure out yet like how to add images into the webpage through the style sheet. But I have been able to change the background color and the text size for the headers and sub-headers.

By the end of this assignment, I hope to accomplish a webpage that enlightens, and encourages manatee safety, rescue, and conservation. I hope that by creating this web page, I can show people that are currently unaware of the dangers of manatee extinction, just how important these docile marine creatures are to our world.


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