Journalism Module 2

I have finished my journalism module! I am very proud of the way my final project turned out. This was something very outside of my comfort zone and my norm. It was something that I had never done before. Parts of this project presented to be more of a challenge then I assumed, but I was able to get by with some help.

I decided to style my webpage based on the manatee (since that was my topic of choice). I made the background a light blue, like that of the Caribbean Sea or Souther Florida waters since those are the most frequently inhabited areas for manatees. I kept the layout and over all style fairly simple because thats what manatees are, simple. I added some helpful pictures to my actually webpage, and then left the video and gif on my Storify page that is linked on my webpage.

I think that once I got the hang of Storify, it became a real asset to use in this process. I was able to embed a video of the organization, Wildtracks, that I interned with over this previous summer season. I think that this video as well as the rest of the media that was embed will give viewers a bit more insight into not only manatees but some of the reasons why we should help to protect them and some ways as to go about doing so.

I hope that my journal article is enlightening and uplighting. Please read carefully and open heartedly so that you can do your part to help save the manatees.


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