Trolling Module

I decided to take part in the trolling module because I wanted to learn more about trolling. I always hear people talking about it and I know the general idea of what social media trolling is. However, I would like the idea to research this topic more and learn about why people do it and some of the dangers and consequences that come along with trolling and online trolls. I think that I may be a little surprised when I start doing research for my project and start seeing some of the specific examples of trolling online.

Some of the specific  information I hope to find and use in my module project include: what is trolling, how people troll, why people troll, the dangers of being a troll or being trolled, and how do we stop online trolling if at all. I think by finding this information and then presenting it to the class, it will allow people to become more aware of why this is sometimes a very serious matter. I hope that by doing this project, it not only enlightens me but others as well.

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